Truesaw is a leading solution provider in healthcare industry. As the name “truesaw” goes, we dive deep to see our clients’ true value and potential, to provide outstanding service accordingly.

Deeply rooted in the pharmaceutical industry, we provide professional services in the following areas
  • Biologics

  • Chemical Drugs

  • IVD& Sequencing

  • Cosmetics

  • Food& Beverage

  • Medical Devices

We Provide Professional Services Below
  • Conferences& Events

    Truesaw never stops understanding value of events. In the age of fierce competition, Truesaw keeps original heart and insists in organizing state-of-art events.

  • New-Media

    “Truesaw” has thousands of subscribers. It publishes professional and most on-time articles every day.

  • Industrial Park

    Help industrial parks achieve goals by business introduction, event organizing, park recommendations, etc.

  • Data& Analysis Service

    Truesaw’s data comes from 100+ events and over 10 years’ operation. It will provide our customer with in-depth insight in R&D, Clinical, marketing, etc.